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Here in Utah we have a narrow window of opportunity to do something to protect ourselves from an encroaching earthquake. We are our own worst enemies by maintaining the current lack of awareness and preparation.

~Dr. Ron Harris, professor of geology at BYU

When a community or society loses mindfulness of a long-term danger--like that of an infrequent but high-impact large earthquake--too often there's a terrible price to pay. Lessons from earthquake disasters around the world, however, tell us that we CAN have some control on the outcome in terms of casualties and losses.

~Dr. Walter Arabasz, Director, University of Utah Seismograph Stations
Excerpt from media interview concerning Sumatran earthquake: Sept. 7, 2005

Whatever the earthquake danger may be, it is a thing to be dealt with on the ground by skillful engineering, not avoided by flight...

~G. K. Gilbert, ca. 1906

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