Write this Down | Teaching Your Children | Prepare to Shelter in Place
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As soon as your children are old enough, have a family meeting to go over your Emergency Plan. Try not to scare them, but help them to be prepared. Discuss why you have created the plan and that you are teaching them because you want them to be safe.

During your lesson, show them physically what you are teaching. For example, if you are explaining an escape route in case of fire, show them how to crawl to the right door. Then have everyone try it. If you have planned an order of communicating or a specific place for everyone to meet, hold a test-run for your plan so that each member of the family can fully understand. Show your children where you have stored emergency supplies and teach them how to use any supplies that are age-appropriate.

Keep your emergency plan updated and go over it with your children every 6 months. Hold drills and quizzes. You can make it fun for them by turning it into a game.

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