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Usually, an earthquake will only last for a few seconds. Ground shaking due to a large earthquake can last up to 30 seconds. Aftershocks are earthquakes in the same region of the mainshock but of smaller magnitude and can occur for weeks or months after the mainshock.

Since it is difficult to predict the number or magnitude of aftershocks, begin following your emergency plan after the mainshock. If you feel an aftershock, immediately resume a position under sturdy furniture.

  1. Administer first aid and get help for the seriously injured.
  2. Check your home for broken gas lines, fire, flooding, and other hazards.
  3. Do not light a candle or matches to look around.
  4. Direct family members to a safe gathering place. You may need to shelter at home near your food storage, or take your 72-hour kit and evacuate to a city shelter or other safe location.
  5. Check on your neighbors, especially the elderly or disabled.

Even if your situation is unfortunate, do not call for emergency help unless there is a critical problem you cannot solve alone. Emergency personnel will be very busy attending the most serious situations in the area. If you are in a critical situation, call for help and don’t panic. Power and phone lines may be down. Use the resources you have available including help from neighbors, first aid supplies, first aid manual, and common sense. Listen to your battery powered radio for instructions.

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